Having a rock solid brand foundation gives you clarity, and will make the rest of your branding efforts so. much. easier. Sounds good, right? This free workbook is just what you need! It’s designed to help you define and discover your brand’s values and unique personality.

What makes someone choose your product or service over that of your competitors? What triggers us to willingly pay more for a certain branded product than we’d pay for an “identical” product from a different brand?

We’re constantly presented with a massive number of options, of choices to be made. If you want to be someone’s first choice, a unique look alone isn’t enough. Your brand is made up of emotions in the mind of the consumer – it’s the combined impression of all the times and places where they have encountered your brand.

A good lookin’ logo is great – but not enough. To make your brand stand out in a crowd, first you have to really understand the vision and values that define your brand – and then communicate that unique story through a coherent brand identity, carefully chosen words and actions that will engage and excite your audience.

Feel free to keep this workbook as a reference as you move forward, and don’t be afraid to tweak your answers along the way. A brand is not a static thing – see what works and what doesn’t, iterate, improve, make it yours!



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