Thanks for tuning in to my episode zero, the very first episode EVER of the Brand it! with Petchy podcast. I’m super stoked to have you here!

This is the episode where I tell you a bit about who I am, what the heck this podcast will be all about and what I want you to take away from it. I’ll try to keep this intro episode short and sweet, so that we can get on to the good stuff sooner rather than later!

First, allow me to quickly introduce myself. I’m Solveig Petch, aka Petchy. Half Norwegian, half brit – I now live just outside a small Norwegian town with my partner, two kids, Nilla the cat (and my chief napping officer) and Rambo the miniature poodle. I’m a real foodie, I have three sewing machines, I love a good book when I can find the time – and I enjoy hiking in the gorgeous Norwegian nature. 

Professionally… I have a degree in Design Management, and I’ve been working with design and branding since 2002 – as an in-house designer, in agencies and as a solo business owner. I founded Petchy back in 2016, and I’ve never looked back. I know I am biased, but I have the most awesome clients and I love how I get to work with everything from startups and solopreneurs to more established brands in Norway and internationally. 

But enough about me! So, you want a kick-ass brand that makes those dream clients line up to work with you?

With my background in Design Management, almost two decades of working with brands of all types and sizes + over a decade as a business owner myself, I’ve experienced first hand the powerful impact a strategic brand can have. 

With this podcast I want to help ambitious business owners (like you) evolve their brands, so they can consistently attract the right type of client. Because I’m guessing you too would love to work with clients and projects that fire you up and allow you to perform your magic! 

I want to give you tools and resources to help you build a brand that makes your heart swell with pride. I want you to discover and embrace your brand personality so you can show up with confidence and authenticity.

I also want to show you that brand strategy doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. I know that the word strategy can sometimes be enough to make people want to run for the hills, hide under a rock… or jump straight onto the “fun” part of branding, like picking colours and fonts and designing a gorgeous logo. I get it! 

But a pretty logo without substance, without a purpose and a vision behind it, is just fluff. Decorative fluff. And you don’t want fluff – you want a workhorse, a powerhouse of a brand!

This show will be a mix of solo episodes where I talk about all things branding and design, and episodes with carefully curated guests. Either way, I want you to walk away from each episode with actionable advice that you can apply to your brand.

This episode is no exception, so here’s a challenge for you! This is a super quick way to assess the visual part of your brand:

I want you to gather every single piece of branded collateral that you have, from business cards and brochures, to your website, your instagram feed, your ads – and any other promotional items. Put everything on the table in front of you and ask yourself: does this look like it all comes from the same company?

If it does, that’s awesome! If it doesn’t… you have a great opportunity to improve how cohesive your brand appears.

That’s all for now, I hope you’ll follow along on this podcasting journey of mine! And if you have a business buddy you think would love this show – make sure to share it with them. 

Until next time!

Petchy xx