Wedding stress, be gone!

Marita Gustavsen is the incredibly talented jewellery designer behind the MAGU brand. Her chainmaille pieces are absolutely stunning, and I am in awe of the patience needed to create these wearable works of art! Her “Brynje” earrings have become an everyday favourite with me, as their understated intricacy means they go with pretty much any outfit.

For Marita, I wanted to create a timeless brand identity with a modern edge, a look that would give an impression of lasting quality and elegance.

Client → MAGU

Category → identity

Budget → €4,000

The logotype is set in a beautiful modern didone typeface, with a characteristic contrast between thick and thin lines, and delicate serifs. This is paired with a clean geometric sans serif for the tagline, to bring a modern flair to the overall look.

These are pieces made to make you feel special — but not just for special occasions.

The logo icon merges the initial M with the shape of a necklace and pendant, to create a hairline monogram that also adds a subtle hint to the metal wire used to create the many tiny rings that are intricately joined to form each finished piece.

The colour palette further emphasises the sophisticated and timeless, featuring a deep emerald green with accents of dusty mint and blush, along with a slate grey. The classic emerald adds an air of opulence, while the blush adds contrast and lends a delicate touch.

The overall feeling evoked by the brand identity is that of rough elegance; a visual representation of the craftsmanship and care that goes into each item. These are pieces to wear with pride, something to make you feel special – but not just for special occasions.


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