A safe breathing space for children who will lose a parent to cancer.

My late client Heidi Huse Myrmo is hands-down one of the most inspiring humans I have had the pleasure of working with. Since receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis she not only continued to build her own business, but along with Monica Osther she also founded a charity organisation for children who will lose a parent to cancer. So when she messaged me to ask if I could help out with a logo, the decision to say yes was easy. Of course I’d help! And here’s the result.

Client → Kompani Føniks

Category → identity

Budget → Pro bono

Kompani Føniks aims to provide a safe breathing space and a sense of belonging to the children and their families in a difficult time, a place to play and with room for joy in the company of others who are in the same situation — and I hope that a unifying logo and identity can contribute, in a tiny way, to making a positive difference.

…a space where the kids can have fun, play, and forget about their worries for a while.

Children are resilient, but there’s no getting away from the heartbreak of witnessing a parent’s illness and inevitable death. Kompani Føniks was created to be a community of peers for mutual understanding and support.

If you can help in any way, with your time, financial donations, or free activities for in the Oslo area — please check out their website for ways to get involved!


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