Wedding stress, be gone!

Sometimes a brand reveal is extra special — this is one of those. Let me tell you about one of the strongest and most inspiring women I have known: my client Heidi Huse Myrmo, founder of Allva and the wedding planning app Bryllupshjelperen (the wedding helper).

We were just about to wrap up this rebrand, when an email from Heidi landed in my inbox: “I just found out I have terminal cancer.” And ever since, her optimism, strength and openness about the highs and lows of living with cancer has been awe inspiring. Her honest posts have had me in tears, but they’ve also at times made me smile. In-between rounds of chemo and radiation therapy, Heidi continued to build her business — and through Bryllupshjelperen 2.0 her legacy lives on.

Client → Bryllupshjelperen / Allva

Category → identity

Budget → €4,000

For Bryllupshjelperen the brief was to create a brand identity that was delicate, modern, and that would appeal to all genders. Calm elegance, light and clean, but with plenty of warmth and feelgood-factor. Quincy, a classic serif typeface, gives the logotype a friendly yet formal vibe.

The heart shaped line icon symbolises the old tradition of tying the knot.

We teamed it up with Quicksand, a rounded sans serif that is also used for the Allva brand — this balanced out the look, and created a visual link between the two brands. An informal handwriting font adds personality and flair. The heart shaped line icon symbolises the old tradition of tying the knot, and is used both alongside the logotype and as a free-standing decorative element.

The colour palette is muted and easy on the eye, and goes equally well with images of rustic barn-style weddings and more formal settings.

A sub-mark was also created, and lends itself well for use as a watermark or for stamps/wax seals.


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