A one stop shop for new parents.

When Christina of Bærelykke.no reached out to me to ask for help with her branding, I was super stoked for more than one reason. Firstly, she provides a service I truly wish had been available back in 2006 when I was a new mother myself for the first time. It’s not that I wasn’t ready to be a mother, it was more that deep inside my heart I felt like a lot of the mainstream parenting advice was totally opposite to what my gut feeling told me. It wasn’t until I found a community of like minded parents, that things kinda fell into place and I began to fully relax into motherhood. Back then; babywearing, attachment parenting, co-sleeping and such was considered to be fairly “alternative” – for a long time I was that weird mother with her baby, and later toddler, wrapped on her back. The sense of community I had found within the babywearing community was amazing, and the friendships life long. And when I had my daughter ten years later, it was so nice to just slide right back into that support network. To be asked to help Christina reach out and support more parents, through creating a strong brand identity for her online membership portal and her baby sign language course, almost felt like coming home!

Christina already had some existing brand assets, that we really didn’t want to discard overnight but rather to tweak and develop into a fully fledged brand suite. The colour palette was adjusted and we looked at refining and streamlining her brand typography, but the main difference was the development of new logos for both her membership portal and her course.

Client → Bærelykke

Category → identity

Budget → €4,000

Both logos feature a line drawing; depicting a baby enclosed by a heart shape for the membership portal, creating associations to babywearing and a close bond between parent and child — and a heart within a hand for the baby sign language course, symbolising what Christina refers to as her “heart language”.

The new logo gives associations to babywearing and a close bond between parent and child.

Each logo has a soft circle shape within it, and this circle shape is also used as a design element throughout — including being turned into a surface pattern of playful dots/sprinkles. A clean sans serif typeface was chosen as a contrast against the hand drawn feel of the logo, and a script typeface was chosen to add interest and a soft touch.


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