It’s been  two years since Petchy saw the light of day, and today I am proud to present the new and improved Petchy! Read on to discover why I chose to rebrand, and the process behind it.

Once upon a time, there was a designer who had quit her job and was ready for a new adventure… Like so many startups, my priority was to “just get going” – because hey… you’ve gotta pay those bills, right? A logo was designed and deemed “good enough for now”. And it’s not that it hasn’t done its job, it’s just that my vision and my goals for Petchy have changed in the two years that have passed. Changed a lot, in fact. For starters, I’ve chosen to niche down and work mainly with branding and identity design, rather than carrying on as a generalist. It’s been a gradual change, but also a natural course of action – after all, this is what I do best and what I truly love working with! Over time I started to feel like I had outgrown my initial logo and identity, that it didn’t really reflect me and my visions for Petchy’s brand values. It felt uncomfortable, somehow. Like a badly fitting pair of jeans; the kind that sags and gives you a cleavage in the wrong place, despite your futile attempts at hoisting it back up. Not good.

The old identity felt wayyyy to formal, and I wanted a quirkier brand. A little more designer, a little less formal, more playful, more me – whilst still remaining clean and striking. It was time to take action!

So, what did i do? I started over. Back to square one, taking the time I didn’t have when I first started out. I started the process six months ago by going back to the basics: Who is Petchy? These processes take time to mature, which is also one reason I dislike taking on rush projects. Working on the brand foundations (using my own workbook) took a few many weeks and a lot of thinking back and forth before I was ready to start the design process – and another couple of months before the final result was ready.

The new logo stems from a didone font, where each character has been simplified and stripped down to the bare minimum required to retain legibility. This has created a dynamic and ever so slightly quirky look, that remains crisp and clean. The colour scheme is kept simple, light and fresh with black, white and a fresh mint accent. The typography is for the most part very clean and minimal, using a modern geometric grotesque font with nine different weights. As an unexpected feature there’s Petchyscript, based on my own handwriting. This is a feature font, meant to be used sparingly to give the identity a personal touch. Feel free to check out my entire brand identity guidelines or the more simplified brand board.

If you’re a client, this means you’ll benefit from a more focused designer, who is now even more dedicated to helping you build that kick-ass brand that you want!

Need to make some changes to make your brand shine? Let’s chat: shoot me an email, or book a free discovery call!