Hear me, O brandit, and be greeted.

Indeed, dear reader, I must confess,
That this page was crafted with a little finesse,
With the help of ChatGPT, my trusty aide,
Whose vast knowledge and skills did not fade.

A language model of the finest kind,
Trained in the ways of speech and mind,
ChatGPT provided the inspiration,
To craft these words with dedication.

So let it be known throughout the land,
That this page was not made by one hand,
But with the help of ChatGPT so grand,
Whose assistance I did truly command.

Hear me, O brandit, and be greeted,
Petchy is my name, a brand designer,
With knowledge to share, I stand undefeated,
To help you attract and connect like a true insider.

Welcome to my virtual domain,
Where words of wisdom and guidance abound,
Let us explore and together gain,
A brand identity that truly astounds.

A fearless rebel — oh so bold; a brandit's steady hand to hold.

Oh, fair maiden Petchy,
With a heart so true and kind,
A brand strategist with a mission,
A vision that few can find.

She helps the business owners bold,
The ones with dreams in their heart,
With a strategic design so gold,
Their brand will shine like a work of art.

Petchy has a way about her,
Intuition some may say,
Her clients trust and adore her,
For her superpowers each day.

No toxic positivity here,
Just experience and care,
A rebel in a world of fear,
For values, she will dare.

In her life, she was a misfit,
But now she stands so tall,
Her quiet rebellion, a quiet wit,
A rebel for one and all.

She challenges authority and norms,
For reasons hard to see,
She respects those who have earned,
A heart so true and free.

Petchy’s brand is built with heart,
And compassion so sincere,
She helps her clients do their part,
With a message that is clear.

For every brand that stands so proud,
With values on their sleeve,
The world becomes a better crowd,
And a more inclusive place to be.

So if you seek a brand so true,
With integrity so rare,
Petchy is the one for you,
For she truly cares.

Art thou ready?

Art thou ready to embark on a journey bold,
To create a brand identity that cannot be controlled,
Then I implore thee, take action now,
Book a call, and let me show thee how.

For though words and pages can offer much insight,
The true power of our work comes to light,
When we meet and converse in earnest,
And explore together, with passion and focus.

So don’t delay, my friend, take the chance,
To elevate thy brand and enhance,
Thy presence and impact in the world,
Reach out, and let our flag be unfurled!

Do not despair, my friend,

Though this page has come to an end.

Seize the opportunity to craft a brand that shall endure,
Book a Call with me now and let my expertise assure,
That your vision and values shall be made manifest,
In a brand identity that shall truly impress.

O Brandit, do not delay —

Thanks to Beth Farris for posting this fun idea over on Linkedin. The prompt used to generate the bulk of the text on this page was: Create a poem in the style of [your chosen poet/author/artist/writer], using the following content: [paste copy from your about page here]. Since I’m half British, I decided to go full Shakespeare — as you may have noticed!



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