Using archetypes to craft your brand’s personality.

Arche-what?! I know, it all sounds a little far-fetched, but trust me: I’m not about to go all woo-woo on you. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung identified twelve archetypes – each with a powerful identity and its own set of characteristics, values, attitudes and behaviours. Identifying your archetype will help you humanise and add a little personality into your brand. And because people buy from people; the stronger your brand personality resonates with your dream client, the stronger their perceived connection with your brand becomes – helping you build that crucial know, like and trust-factor!

Now let’s find your archetype!

What can archetypes do for your brand?

Using the power of archetypes, you can craft a brand personality that appeals to your ideal audience on a deeper emotional level. Humans are funny creatures; we like to subconsciously group things together to make sense of the world. Knowing your primary brand archetype, you can use this as a guide for your messaging, tone of voice and visual brand identity – which will help you stay consistent over time. When you consistently associate your brand with one of the primary archetypes, people will feel a familiarity with your brand. And when they feel like they know you, they will start to trust you.

Read more about the different archetypes below, and see which one feels most like you. 

PS: Bear in mind that your brand might be a mix of several archetypes. For instance, I am a pretty even mix of Caregiver and Citizen – with a cheeky little sprinkle of Rebel.



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